First Day of Advent

Today was the first day of Advent in Austria. Usually, we wait for December 1st to put up our Christmas tree, decorate and exchange cosy presents and advent calendars. This year we decided to begin the festive season in our home a little earlier and include the traditional Adventskranz (Christmas wreath) in our family traditionsContinue reading “First Day of Advent”

Our new home: Vienna

NB! I wrote this post before November 2nd. I decided to keep the draft as it was originally written. Earlier this year we took a journey of a lifetime – my husband became an expat in Vienna and our family moved to live here. In this post I will share the five things that IContinue reading “Our new home: Vienna”

A History of a Blogger

It’s a new issue of a PC magazine in the hands of the little sister of the family. She knows nothing about computers, the Internet is such a new thing. Spice Girls are every teenager’s obsession and in order to see their website, the girl needs the help of her older brother, as well asContinue reading “A History of a Blogger”


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